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Delivery to all Major States & Metropolitan areas:

A deep commitment to patient satisfaction and timely delivery of medications has driven our team to finding the most efficient and safe delivery system- Australia wide. Collaborating with reliable delivery partners, including courier services and or logistics providers, has expanded our reach and capacity of a quick delivery network. This partnership has enabled faster delivery through access to a broader fleet of vehicles and additional delivery personnel.

At Omega Compounding we understand the importance of patients receiving their medications in a timely and efficient manner. That's why, we are proud to offer our same day dispatch commitment. Orders placed before 2 pm on any business day, will be dispatched from our lab within the same day. Some exceptions may apply based on the availability of certain products or shipping restrictions. However, we will always communicate any potential delays or issues with our patients.

Delivery to Rural & Regional areas:

We appreciate that the requirements of rural and remote medicine are substantially different to that of a metropolitan area. We also understand the complexity of rural and remote care and endeavour to tailor our services as required.

As such, we are proud to also offer Same day dispatch on all orders placed before 2 pm on any business day. All orders will be sent via DHL overnight premium express service or Star Track Premium delivery depending on the location and size of the products shipped.

Delivery and Dispatch
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